Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania Discusses Why Businesses Must Embrace Sustainability

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania


A growing number of people across the world are now demanding businesses to be more transparent and prioritize social and environmental issues of the current times. As a result, businesses are slowly but steadily starting to feel the pressure of incorporating socially responsible, green practices within their corporate strategy. This has led to businesses of distinctive types, including egg farms like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania, to embrace sustainable practices.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania briefly underlines the need for businesses to explore sustainable practices

Sustainability, in general, focuses on addressing the current needs of the consumers without jeopardizing future generations’ ability to meet their own requirements. Sustainability has three key pillars, economic, environmental, and social, which are informally known as profits, planet, and people. Principles developed based on these three pillars are known to be the Triple Bottom Line in business. Many businesses across the world are today adopting a Triple Bottom Line approach and including sustainable practices within their corporate strategy. This enables the businesses to effectively generate profits while making sure that they have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Building a sustainable brand would ultimately benefit a business over the long term. Millennials are the largest generation of the population at the moment and they tend to be way more sustainability-orientated compared to the previous generations. In fact, many of them are also willing to pay a higher price to buy sustainable products. This trend of buying from sustainable sources is only going to increase with Generation Z, the next largest generation. In simple terms, with time people would get more conscious about where they make purchases from and are likely to prefer sustainable brands over others. Businesses that follow environmental regulations have a sustainable supply chain, use renewable resources, and so on; shall gain a lasting competitive advantage with the change in consumer mindset that is expected to continue to rise. Pivoting to sustainable business practices would help set a business apart from its competitors by magnetizing more consumers both now and in the future.

While there obviously is an initial cost involved with embracing sustainable business practices, they would reduce the expenses incurred by a business in the long run. Reusing materials and minimizing unnecessary waste go a long way in cutting down the expenses of a business. Moreover, in the coming years, fossil fuels and water are expected to become more expensive. In fact, energy prices have been among the biggest contributors to cost rises for small and medium businesses in the recent times, and are forecasted to keep increasing every year. Hence, businesses like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania are exploring sustainable practices like using alternate resources, being more energy efficient, and investing in waste water treatment. These practices not only ensure the protection of scarce resources, but also help businesses to boost their profits in the long run.

Sustainability is quite central to the business values of Hillandale Farms. They make use of a variety of emerging techniques and technologies to improve the quality of life for their customers, employees, and chickens. This egg farm additionally goes to great lengths to minimize its impact on the environment.

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