Top 5 Paintings for Living Room

Paintings for Living Room


A good living room décor gives good vibes that’s why people concentrate so much on picking up the smallest item to be kept there. From furniture to interior décor, everything should be top notch to create a nice ambiance in your living room. When it comes to decorating this particular space in your home, walls must be highlighted with attractive wall arts and paintings. There are thousands of paintings that can be purchased for living room décor. However, to ensure that you pick the best pieces of paintings, we have this article for you today. It will show you the top 5 paintings for living room. You can buy paintings online and keep your home updated all the time.

1. Boho Painting

The very first style of paintings that will give your living room an uplifted look and feel is Boho Paintings. The bohemian-look paintings are evergreen and look gorgeous in your living space even after many years. They are really expressive paintings that can amaze everyone. The seamless combination of patterns, colors, and textures define these paintings. If you love earthy and cool colors then you must buy boho paintings online because they will give your space a wanted appeal. It will make your living room appear just like you wished.

2. Landscape Painting

The landscape painting is another style of painting that looks pretty in any living room. The natural scenery such as green landscape, mountains and rocks, valleys, marine life scenery, etc makes the space look energetic and attractive. All nature enthusiasts must buy landscape paintings. Your living room will appear completely changed after hanging a lovely landscape painting on the wall. Talking about its positioning, you should cover the biggest and most vacant wall in the living room to catch people’s attention quickly.

3. Abstract Painting

Abstract painting is one such style of painting that complements almost all decors. Therefore, you can hang an abstract painting to bedeck your living space. It will instantly make the space look artistic. The combination of bold and fine lines and textures along with magical hues in these paintings will transform the living space’s appearance immediately. Whether you love tone-on-tone look or contrast wall look, abstract art lets you find your beloved interior look without any hassle. You can play with colors and textures and decorate the walls just like a designer!

4. Floral Painting

Flowers look beautiful everywhere and so does the floral paintings. You can give your living space a gorgeous appeal with an attractive floral painting. Hang them in a set to make your wall look like an art gallery. If you want it to be the solo piece of attraction in the living room, put a big floral painting on the wall; do not put anything else on that wall otherwise the viewers’ attention will be dispersed. If you want to buy floral paintings online, check the collections at multiple e-commerce platforms and then choose the best piece for your living area.

5. Buddha Painting

As you know that living room is the main area where family members and guests sit and chit-chat. Being the primary place of gathering in a home, it should feel good and remain always high-spirited. Therefore, a Buddha painting is the best choice. It will not just enhance the beauty of the room but also keep the ambiance positive. The Buddha painting is always in demand due to its significance and appropriateness for home décor. Available in all sizes, you can buy Buddha paintings online as per your wall size. It will simply look gorgeous in both traditional and modern living spaces.


Paintings come in many types as well as styles to give a distinct look to any home and office. However, the styles that are discussed above are the most versatile ones as they beautifully blend with living rooms of all themes. They not just add beauty to the room but also influence its spirits. Everyone will feel rejuvenated!

If you love these paintings and want to buy them for your living room, it is suggested to check the collections online. Different painting-selling websites sell these paintings at different rates. You will be able to pick the best piece under your price range.

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