What do you need to know about American Airlines Name Correction Policy?

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Have you made your New year holiday plans in your favourite destination? Are you going to book your tickets with American Airlines? if yes, you must take advantage of this article as it has some must-know points about the ultimate AA policy. So, it’s all about American Airlines Name Change Policy or Name Correction Policy. As the name suggests, you can make changes or corrections to your incorrect name on the AA ticket. Now, there is no need to cancel and rebook the tickets. You just have to seek this policy for easy and quick American ticket name changes.

Here is everything you should know about this superb provision to match your AA flight ticket name to your TSA government-issued ID for an indelible experience.

Things to Know About American Airlines Name Correction Policy

Here are quick pointers about the AA Name Change policy. Reading them before applying for an American Airlines name change on ticket will help you proceed the right way.

  • American Airlines Name Change Policy permits travellers to make minor corrections to the first name such as typos, and miss-spellings that they have done at the reservation time.
  • The passengers can correct or change up to 3 characters only.
  • If the changes are more than 3 characters or you need last name changes, then contacting the reservations or support team is the best way. The last name changes scenarios include marriage and divorce. You will need legal documents to confirm the corrections or changes.
  • You will need to pay a certain amount of fee to confirm the American ticket name changes. The cost may vary between $200 to $700.
  • You can submit your request online or offline for an American Airlines name change on ticket.

How to Submit Request for Name Change Under American Airlines Name Correction Policy 

Now that you have read crucial points about American Airlines Name Change Policy, here is how you can submit your minor name change request with AA airlines.

  • Visit the official American Airlines website.
  • Click on the tab “My Trips.”
  • Enter the first and last name of the ticket holder in the respective sections.
  • Enter the code of the reservation.
  • View the reservations page by hitting the “Find Reservations” button.
  • Select the booking that requires changes.
  • Make the name corrections.
  • You will get the option to save your changes after payment of any applicable name change fee. So, pay for it and lock in the changes.
  • Check the confirmation email.

Alternatively, you can request both minor and major American ticket name changes at the support department- (833) 246-4556. Clarify your doubts, if any over the call.

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