6 Best Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Lighting Ideas


When you are in your bathroom, you believe you are in your cosiest space. You spend time analysing your life problems, making crucial decisions and exploring your hidden talents. Most people emphasise implementing the best living room, kitchen and bedroom decor ideas. But very few understand the need for enlightening their bathroom decor with equal emphasis.

No more leaving the bathroom behind while your entire house is glamming up.

Here are some of the best bathroom lighting ideas that will enhance the comforting aura of the space.

1. Farmhouse Lights for the Bathroom

If you want to go all vintage, the farmhouse lights will be a worthy inclusion. You can consider fixing them on the ceiling or bathroom walls. If you have invested in the wall and overall decor of the bathroom, then this lighting will enhance the cumulative appeal of the space. Walking into your bathroom space would give you that luxury Hollywood-movie-like feel.

2. Focus Light Ambience

Focus or recessed lights set around the corners of the bathroom will create an aesthetic environment. You will get a very soft illumination out of every focus light setup, creating a calming ambience around the space. It is one of the most common bathroom lighting ideas for you.

3. Strip Mirror Lights

When in the bathroom, you will access the mirror section more often. Considering that, why not create a perfect backdrop illumination for the mirrors with the strip lights? It is most common in the living room decors behind the TV units, but it works perfectly fine for the bathroom mirrors as well. In a low-light bathroom, such strip lights will create an illuminating ambience.

4. Add Spot Lights with Motion Sensors

Keep the usual lighting dim around the space, and add some spotlights with motion sensors to create a perfect appeal. Suppose you walk into the shower space of your bathroom, there will be a focus light embedded right above the shower head to illuminate the space for you. While the other parts of the bathroom will be dimmed, you will be bathing with a focus light on. Plus, the motion sensors will also ensure energy savings, as they would turn off automatically after a couple of seconds of you moving out of that space.

5. Pendant Lights for the Bathtub

Small chandeliers or pendant lights for the bathroom are part of modern decor ideas in your property. The only thing you need to make sure of is they are away from the water sources. But, if you want to go carefree for the water splashes and use the pendant lights above the bathtub for a chic look, consider IP44-rated lights. They can be safely integrated into your bathroom space.

6. Ambient Lighting on the Shelves

There’s no match for a bathroom that has open shelves and ambient strips & hidden lights. It looks very sophisticated when you run these strips under the mirrored cupboard, open shelves, space around the sink and other creative areas as you like. Even a small bathroom space looks extravagant with such a lighting setup. It is one of the most loved bathroom lighting ideas among Indian homebuyers.


A lighting setup for the bathroom space is good when buying new house and perfect when it serves all purposes. Whether your bathroom is for everyday use or is a special space where you find time to soak yourself in the bathtub to relax your senses, the lights should support the purpose. The only thing you must keep in mind while working out with the bathroom lighting ideas is they should work well throughout the day and all year long.

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