A Guide To Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Entryway

hallway chandelier lights


Guest’s first impression of your interior space is the entryway to your home. Whatever light fixture you choose sets the tone for the rest of the house, whether it’s bold and dramatic or subdued and subtle. As varied as your creativity and imagination, entryway light fixtures range from chandeliers and ceiling fixtures to recessed lighting and table lamps.


Your entryway will look bold and glamorous with chandeliers, including crystal chandeliers, colonial candle chandeliers, or sleek drum and cage chandeliers. Make sure the fixture you choose fits the space of the entryway. A chandelier with at least a diameter of 12″ to 18″ is appropriate for an entryway with 75 square feet or more. It’s better to go with smaller hallway chandelier lights for smaller entryways unless the fixture serves as a focal point.


Pendant lighting works equally well in both modern and traditional settings, and it adds radiance to your entryway while creating the illusion of height. Various styles include single pendants, chandelier-likes, and clusters of smaller pendants. Light a long hallway-like entrance with a series of small pendant lights, or a smaller space with a single, larger pendant.

If you want to calculate the size you need, use the formula many lighting professionals use. Convert the entryway’s dimensions from feet to inches by adding the length and width. In such a case, 15′ by 18′ becomes 33′ once you add the two figures. It’s best to use a pendant that’s about 33 inches wide.

Ceiling Fixtures

In addition, ceiling lights do not have to blend seamlessly like some lighting fixtures do, and if you don’t have the space for a chandelier, this type of fixture is a great way to make your entryway look more interesting. Select a style that fits your home and adds a dynamic feel using traditional, elegant, contemporary or bold options. There are many types of ceiling lights to choose from, including flushmount, semi-flushmount, and track lighting. All ceiling lights provide a pleasant glow without sacrificing overhead space, and track lights are an excellent option for highlighting specific areas or artwork.

Wall Sconces

Adding wall sconces to an entryway can add a warm glow without occupying valuable space on the console table. Add one to each side of the entryway or use an entryway system. Install wall sconces in the foyer as well as down the hall, if you have one that leads out of the room, to draw the eye out into the rest of the house. Various styles, shapes, and finishes are available to give your entryway a cohesive look. Additionally, sconces may feature uplighting, downlighting, or multidirectional lighting to cast their glow in a variety of directions.


Lamps can add visual interest to an area, especially if you have the space. The floor lamp adds a stately presence to a room, and table lamps look great on consoles and shelves. Add a unique shade to make the lamp look sleek and interesting. Various light bulbs can be used to determine how warm or cool the room should be. Last but not least, lamps are easy to move around, so if you want to quickly change the look of your entryway, you just switch out the lighting to keep it interesting.

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