Best Hidden Tracker App for Android phone


There are billions of android phones that exist over the planet. According to a report, there are more than 2.7 billion android phones that are currently in use, making them the most widely used digital gadget ever.

With the same pattern sneaking in, it has posed some serious implications and threats to its users in many ways.

The most problematic situation comes to the picture with the use of android devices by the kids and teens. It is observed that kids have faced a compromising situation through the cyber criminals over the internet and social media using smartphones.

A large number of cyber criminals are there that look to exploit the kids in many ways. They try to get close to them and look to know there secrets which are used to blackmail and exploit them later.

The kids have excessively started viewing inappropriate and immoral content that seriously damages their moral and ethical standing in the society. So, going through the above discussion, the ultimate objective of the parents is to monitor the kids; all the activities over their android devices so that they may be protected from all the evils of digital networks.

If we talk about professional consequences of using android devices by the employees, they are also above and beyond the limits. The use of mobile phones during the working hours by the employees erode their productivity. The don’t come up on time for delivering the assigned tasks and responsibilities, which ultimately cause the organization to suffer.

The cyber threats to the business data are very much on the cards in this age of digital networks, and using android devices, which are not considered as much secure mobile devices for many reasons.

So, the ultimate goal of the business owners is to ensure the protection, safety and performance of their business in any case. This can be achieved by using an android tracker app.

A number of android tracking applications are there in place over the online market, but many of them have no real offering to show. The finest, to the best of our knowledge is TheOneSpy.

It has a number promising features that serve all the needs of the parents and employers by all means. The parent and employer only needs to buy the subscription and install the app to the target device, and they are all set to monitor their intended users. The key features are as follows.

Tracking real-time location

It is the best android tracker app that can actively log all the movement of the intended user. A log is maintained regarding the movement of the target user, and is stored over the online dashboard.

This log can be accessed by parents and employers to know where their intended user is located. If the child has got into crime prone areas, the parent can take necessary actions to restrict any kind of threatening activity that can have a bad impact on the child.

Surround recording using Spy 360

The Spy 360 feature records all the surrounding activities of the target user. It can record sounds, images, and videos as per end-user’s requirement.

The feature works by bugging the mic or front or back camera of the target user to know what is actually happening around. So, this earns a fair bit of insight into all the whereabouts of the kid or employee.

Blocking websites using TheOneSpy

The hidden spy app for android can block a number of websites that can harm the interest of the kids and businesses. The blocked URLs can include the websites that can pose cyber threats to the businesses.

Once blocked, the respective links will not remain accessible from the target device any further.

Phone call recording and monitoring

All the incoming and outgoing phone calls can be monitored using best android tracker app. The calls can be listened to in real-time. These calls can be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference.


The best android tracker app nowadays is TheOneSpy. The salient features of the app are discussed.

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