Experts reveal the wedding expenses you should never pay for.



Personalized party favours will almost certainly be left at the reception.

Guests are unlikely to request anything with your and your partner’s names on it. According to Insider, bespoke wedding favours in Singapore typically waste a couple’s money and labour.

Nobody recalls the knickknacks you gave out during your wedding. And if you monogram something with your name and wedding date, visitors are unlikely to want to take it home with them. So why would anyone desire a tote bag that reminds them of a friend’s wedding?

Suppose you cannot stomach the thought of your guests leaving without a mark of your appreciation. In that case, Finkle suggests choosing something edible, such as a box of sweets or a locally produced culinary item.

Photo booths can be a fun touch to a wedding reception, but they are not required.

Instead, you could hand out disposable cameras.

Many firms charge by the hour, so having a photo booth for the duration of your reception is likely to cost you hundreds of dollars. And the photo booth’s only purpose is to take additional images of you and your guests.

Instead, rely on your wedding photographer to capture genuine moments with your friends and family at your reception. You might even buy a couple of disposable cameras and invite your guests to capture the beauty on their own.

A champagne toast is generally a wedding tradition, but providing bubbly for your entire guest list might strain your budget.

It might get expensive if you have to pay for flutes as well.

The truth is that most of the champagne in the glasses will not be consumed. So if you’re planning a toast, let your guests use the glasses they already have with whatever beverage they decide to drink. If you decide on a champagne toast, check with your venue to see if they have flutes you can rent or use for free to save up on glassware.

Ceremony backgrounds are lovely, but they may be expensive.

You won’t always be able to retain a floral arch or a large placard.

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Though ceremony decor surely enriches the environment, the cost of a ceremony set-up may easily go into the thousands of dollars. At its core, your wedding day is about your commitment to your partner, not about what will look best in photos.

Instead of spending money on a photo-friendly ceremony backdrop, focus on minor ceremony details like personalized vow booklets that you can treasure long after your wedding day is over.

Confetti is entertaining, but it can also be an expensive and dirty extra expense.

You may be charged for the trash it creates.

Confetti is a tremendous annoyance. It only lasts a few seconds and amuses the attendees, but it always necessitates extensive cleanup and is generally frowned upon by many venues. Some venues will even charge you for cleanup if you use confetti, which can be expensive.

If you want to see items flying through the air after your ceremony but don’t want to spend a high cleaning charge, ask your venue if bubble-blowing is an option.

In general, couples should think twice before spending money on anything too trendy, especially if it has little sentimental value.

Keep in mind that the day is all about you and your sweetheart.

Extravagant embellishments, such as releasing live doves, lighting pyrotechnics, or employing professional dancers, might detract from the wedding’s main focus: the couple.

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