There are 10 types of mats your business needs

types of mats your business needs


There is plenty of commercial matting to choose from, so businesses can find the right safety mat or set of matting products to fit their budget and safety requirements. There are over 50 commercial floor mats that can be purchased. Each one falls under one of the 10 matting categories listed below.

Ten Essential Types of Commercial Safety Mats

Link-design mats

These mats have a unique design, where pieces of vinyl or rubber are arranged in a chain-link pattern that creates a lot more surface texture and grip.

One type of commercial floor mat is called Link design Mats.

Scraper Mats

Scraper Mats, like the Link-design mats, are well-known for their ability remove dirt and other debris from shoes. Similar to Link Mats, they can be used outdoors and are extremely resistant to changes in weather and temperature.

Scraper Mats can retain and gather moisture, unlike Linked-design mats. Many facilities still use Scraper Mats in conjunction with Wiper Mats, despite this added benefit. This is to ensure safety and maximum contamination control.

Wiper Mats

Wiper Mats are well-known for their ability absorb and retain moisture (e.g. Visitors can use the mats to clean their feet. For added slip resistance, wiper mats can be purchased with vinyl or rubber backing. You can find rubber backing in both cleated and smooth varieties.

Cocoa Mats

Cocoa mats are eco-friendly and can last a lifetime because of their husk fibers, which are extremely resilient and resist being damaged by foot traffic. Although these mats are sometimes referred to as Wiper Mats they are actually made from the husk fibers naturally grown coconuts.

Recessed Mats

Recessed mats are entrance mats that fit into a recess on the floor. The recess allows the mat to be flush with the ground, making it a very popular choice.

Recessed Carpet tiles

Recessed mats are entrance mats that fit into a recess on the floor. The recess allows the mat to be flush with the ground, making it a very popular choice.

Recessed Grills

Recessed grills are an industrial-grade solution that can be used in commercial buildings that have high traffic, incoming debris and/or moisture. The grated surface of these systems cleans and channels moisture/debris into an underlying compartment.

Particularly popular in vestibules of offices and commercial buildings in snowy areas are recessed grills such as the Pedimat and Pedigrid. Grated surfaces and recessed make them great for preventing liquid, dirt, or rock salt from entering the building, creating serious hazards.

Drainage Mats

Drainage mats are usually made from rubber and have holes or slots that allow liquids to pass through. These WaterHog Drainable Border Mats are useful for bartenders, cooks, and other workers in areas where liquid spillages are frequent. These mats channel water quickly to the floor, keeping the rubber flooring surface dry and safe. You can also find Drainage Mats in Anti-Fatigue versions to keep your employees energized during work hours.

Anti-fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue mats are a special type of floor mat. They have a unique layered design with a core that allows for controlled compression. The mats’ compression stimulates the lower back, legs, and muscles of the feet. This promotes comfort and blood flow. Statistics show that employees are more satisfied at work if they use Anti-fatigue Mats (also known as ergonomic mats).

Anti-static mats

Anti-static mats are designed to reduce the possibility of electrical shock and static discharge. These mats are used most often in computer labs and offices where flat screens and electrostatic discharge.

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