Tips on How To Care For Botox After Your Procedure

Botox After Your Procedure


Botox in Singapore is a popular cosmetic therapy for wrinkle reduction, but it may also be used to address medical disorders such as migraine. Whatever you’re taking the treatment for, there are a few crucial Botox aftercare guidelines to help avoid bruising and ensure you receive the desired results. This is how it’s done.

Don’t overwork yourself.

Allow time for your new injections to take effect.

Wait four hours before engaging in mild exercises such as jogging or easy yoga. Give it a total of 24 hours before returning to your regular workout programme.

Take the strain off.

Leave the afflicted area alone for as long as possible following your treatment. Massages and tight clothes or hats should be avoided since they may cause the injections to get dislodged. If possible, avoid sleeping on the afflicted regions.

Reduce your alcohol consumption.

You will be requested to refrain from drinking alcohol prior to your treatment, but you will also be advised to wait 24 hours following Botox before drinking again. Alcohol has an anti-inflammatory impact, which causes your blood to thin and can cause bruising in the afflicted regions.

Pay attention to your doctor’s advice.

Finally, see your doctor to see if you follow any other instructions. For example, if you’re presently taking any medications for unrelated ailments, ask your doctor if they may interfere with your Botox aftercare. Do this even if the medicines do not affect the locations where you’ve received injections. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Keep away from the sun.

Vampires know a thing or two about remaining forever young. This might result in bruising around the injection site.

Avoid sunlight for 48 hours after your operation. The same may be said about tanning beds, saunas, hot tubs, and very hot baths.

Allow your skin to breathe.

Skin treatments that target the same regions as your Botox injections can help to remove the injections before they become lodged in your muscles. Avoid facials, exfoliating scrubs, dermal fillers, and other similar procedures for at least 24 hours. Don’t worry, it will offer folks a better opportunity to see and appreciate your Botox.

Keep an eye out for these dangerous Botox side effects.

Toxins in your Botox injection may travel to undesired places in your body in rare situations. Some side symptoms may signal a medical emergency. If you observe any of the following symptoms in the first few weeks after your treatment, contact a medical expert right away:

  • muddled speech
  • swallowing difficulties
  • breathing difficulties
  • being unable to control your bladder
  • Muscle weakness
  • vision that is hazy or blurry

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