How to Pack Your Kitchen for a Move?

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One of the most dreadful places to pack when moving a house is the kitchen. With all the glassware, appliances, and dishes, packing a kitchen for a move is not something you do in a hurry. However, how you do it can make it harder or even easier. It can be a good idea to hire a moving company considering that the personnel is experienced in such jobs. However, if you are doing it on your own, here is how to make the process easier.

Get Organized

If you want to make the process easier, the first thing you need is to get organized. Plan what you are packing and what you are likely to waste. Start by packing a week before if you are not running against time and decide what is essential. Additionally, avoid packing and unpacking by planning your meals during this period. Know what you will eat and the food that needs to be gone by the time you are moving. After that, you can get the packing supplies.

Packing Glassware

Packing glassware is hectic and needs specific packing materials. You don’t wish to arrive at your new home with pieces of broken glasses. Therefore, use special boxes for packing fragile items like glassware and wrap the glasses before packing.

Packing Dishes

You can wrap the dishes in groups to keep them intact and uniform. Create a bundle but take care of the fragile ones. Get some space on the kitchen counter, create the bundles and start packing the dishes in the boxes.

Packing Knives

Avoid getting injured when packing your kitchen by being careful with the knives. Use a separate box for the knives or anything else sharp in the kitchen. Place four knives on a kitchen towel and wrap them with the blades facing the same side. You will also need to label the direction of the blades to ensure you don’t hold that part when packing or unpacking.

Packing Pans and Pots

Some of your pots or pans are probably big. Therefore, pick the largest of them and look for a box that fits well. Remove the lids. You can pack these separately. Once you get the right box, stack up the pots or pans and pack them in the box. Once you are done, pack the lids in the boxes if there is enough space.

Packing Food

Moving will also give you a chance to remove any expired food in the house. So, look for packed food whose expiring date has passed and toss it off. You can also donate useable food and pack whatever you want to keep in tote bags.

Packing Appliances

If you still have their original boxes, you can pack the appliances in them. If you don’t have the boxes, look for quality ones to ensure the appliances are not damaged during the process. Dismantle the appliances if possible and pack everything together.


This is how you pack various items in the kitchen. One general rule when packing is to always use double tape at the bottom of the boxes. If you are using large boxes, pack the heavy items first followed by the lighter ones.

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