How to Score More Points In Fantasy Cricket Games?

fantasy cricket games


Everyone understands the significance of fantasy cricket and its importance, not just in India but throughout the world, as one of the most spoken stories. Fantasy cricket is simply an online game where a virtual team of cricketers is formed and points are gained based on their match performance. Awareness is important for winning games and leagues of some basic tips and tactics.

Playing best fantasy cricket games is not very difficult; it involves much more than merely using a website or app to find a match. These days, there are a variety of websites and apps where you can play fantasy cricket. Using a data-based approach, these websites compare the performance of a player with his real-life data to generate predictions. If the predictions are correct, points are awarded. However, there are some basic tips and tricks that are highly beneficial to help you win more points. You need to be very realistic and realistic with the expectations that you set for your team.

Below are some tips that you need to follow to score the most points in fantasy cricket.

  • Choosing the Right Combination-First and foremost, always have a combination of players. Everyone always dreams of getting a 4- or 5-strong bowling attack. It is crucial to choose the right combination. While a four-pronged bowling attack will win the game on its own, but a combination of two excellent bowlers is better. It is extremely important to choose the right combination. Having a combination of the best two bowlers should be your priority. While a power-play would make sense for batsmen, opting for a slightly less attacking bowling attack could also have a bearing on the outcome of a particular game. A good all-rounder can be a significant contributor to any winning team.
  • Choosing Captain and Vice-Captain-Choosing the right captain and vice-captain is extremely important. Captain selection is the most important one as it decides the rest of the team’s composition. Pick your best squad based on the combination of the captain and vice-captain. This will have an obvious effect on their teams’ performance. An in-form captain and vice-captain will help you score more points. Also, if your captain and vice-captain perform badly then you may lose points. Hence, the best of the lot should be selected as captain and vice-captain.
  • Analyze Weather and Pitch Report-Winners understand the importance of this. Thus, to win, you should analyze and make a good decision on what the weather is going to be like for the match and whether the pitch will be good for batting or bowling. Different players possess different styles of batting or bowling and thus, a player should be able to understand the style and try to decide as to which game mode he plays for that particular game. One should never trust a bowler when he says that it is a flat pitch, so the first step is to check the pitch report. This also helps the player to judge the condition of the ground.
  • Check Player Performance-One of the most crucial tips is that you will have to take the last game of the series and series win of the player.Player performance is what makes the difference in Fantasy Cricket. To keep up the pace of winning and losing you need to check the real performance of the players and choose who is the best of them. Once you have a good team of cricketers you should remember to follow the selection criteria that come with each game. The best way to approach the draft of a team is to compare all the players available, but try to look at the value of a good and a poor player before investing in any player.Whether at the beginning or end of your league, you will score many more points as compared to your previous performance.
  • Selecting Top Order Batsmen-The top-order batsmen play the key role to accumulate runs in the first 10 overs. A player is most effective in the top order and this is where you must invest. The right choice of your first five batsmen would be very essential. It is important to choose the right players and players who are the go-to batsmen in the middle order. So, these batsmen must give good starts in the innings. When choosing players in the middle order, it is essential to have some versatility and balance. So, you must have a solid top-order, middle-order, and strong lower-order batsmen.
  • Selecting the Best All-Rounder- There are few All-Rounders, as there are some players who possess an uncanny ability to perform, in whichever format, as a batsman, bowler, and even as a fielder. Apart from the fielding skills, the biggest differentiator in fantasy cricket is the batting stats, which are the key drivers of performance. The ideal way to start building a fantasy cricket team is to select the most prominent all-rounder in the world. A good batsman scores a run, a good bowler takes wickets but a good all-rounder score runs and takes wickets. Thus, you must select the best all-rounders. Moreover, they will score the most points for your fantasy cricket team.
  • Selecting In-form Bowlers-Choosing a bowler is like selecting the perfect team. A bowler who possesses great rhythm is a person that can find the right groove at the right time. Good bowlers can take wickets and provide excellent control in limited-overs matches. The best bowlers can limit batsmen of both pace and spin, as well as attacking batsmen with clever deliveries.
  • Toss- The all-important toss is another key aspect that affects how a game might break out. You will also get a list of participants who will play the match following the toss. So, when picking players who don’t play this match, you won’t lose points.

The most important and oldest rule in cricket is the four-fold principle which states, ‘Hitting the right ball in the right place at the right time’. And the best cricket fantasy player can master this from the start. Every player has its unique ability and characteristic, and every team has its own skillset and characteristics. Not every team has the same combination of players. The combinations, their roles, and their statistics must be carefully considered before forming your fantasy cricket team. The more points you will gain, the better decision should be taken.

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