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Grow and rise in your business and for this it is highly integral to have the correct set of tools kind of tools with you to direct you in the right direction. The current online business organizations rely on apps as well as websites to promote their products as well as services. If you are beginning your work as an entrepreneur, then as a startup you need to comprise the correct and relevant tools which will enhance your business gradually.

This article is a brief tool that tells us about some apps as well as websites to upgrade your business to reach your its goals:

  • Ahrefs for SEO

Ahrefs is a great medium for the Best Digital Marketing Company Bangalore, which offers a deep insight to the digital marketers about their competitors, keywords, back links, as well as site audits. This tool is a great guide for you as it will offer you an opportunity to learn more about your competitors, and also understand what keywords they want to get their ranking for.

Ahref, will offer results of all your pages with the maximum traffic. There are several suggestions for choosing the correct keyword keywords, enabling the digital marketers to use the advanced knowledge and metrics to make a decision on which one to target. Alongside, the Google keyword finders can be sued to understand and have a deeper knowledge of the searcher’s behavior on SERPs.

This tool also gives you an option to gain a deeper insight into the user data. Also, this will reveal which content has excelled more. This also covers the number of back links, organic search traffic, social buzz. You are most likely to receive a notification whenever your competitors use a back link. This, indeed, is one of the best ways to track link building in real-time.

  • io for emails

This tool helps the Best Digital Marketing Service Provider Companies to look out for your target audiences emails by using only the domain of the websites. This tool can cover all the necessary details of your employees as per the list which you will enter. Along with this, you can use the website to know the availability of various email id’s. is indeed the most effective tool in 2021 for finding out essential emails.

  • Clockify for tracking time

Wanting to track the progress of your projects and tasks for a long time? Clockify is a time tracking app that caters to the needs of the Digital Marketing Service Provider Companies, by offering them the feature to track the progress of their projects. Clockify is a free tracking app that will guide Digital Marketers and their teams to track the number of hours across the projects.

By using this tool, you will have a deep insight into the number of working hours which are billable, effectiveness in productivity, and the regular attendance of your team. The timekeeping feature in this tool will enable you to track hours taken, categorize time by the project, and logs time in your timesheet.

The most effective feature of this tool is its reporting option. It allows the Digital Marketers to customize the project reports and share them further with their team members. You can also export the files in various extensions such as PDF, CSV, and Excel.

The information such as setting hourly rates, current activities, all the members who worked upon it, is easily accessible. Clockify is compatible with several devices and hence one can track data from anywhere.

  • Spokeo for gathering contacts

This tool is one such tool that allows you to gather the contacts of the people you may know. This website has a record of billions of leading data sources.

This platform can be easily used by the Best Digital Marketing Service Provider Companies to search about the detailed information of their competitors and so uncover their social media strategy. Moreover, the reverse number lookup feature can help you to collect people-related information on both online as well as offline sources.

Dealing with some insane number of phone calls, then the reverse phone lookup will help you mark contacts as spam with whom you do not wish to communicate. An email lookup is also possible with the help of this tool.

  • Slack for professional interactions:

This online professional tool is highly professional and is one of the best mediums to handle big professional conversations, projects, and tasks. In this particular application, all the interactions are organized by the specific teams, relevant topic, essential projects. With the right set of channels, no information is ever lost. Information is secured along with documents, files, and much more. Slack can integrate with all other apps that you use every day.

You can easily find all the essential files, messages, and integrations. The idea of Slack as a professional application is to create a working space along with a working team chat.

  • Mail Shake for email marketing:

The Best Digital Marketing Service Provider Companies are always on the lookout for applications that can make their work easier, especially in sending bulk emails. Mail Shake a user-friendly application that is powerful and enables you to send multiple emails at once.

It helps to book important meetings, assists you to interact with more leads, and reap larger sales. The Digital Marketing Service Provider Companies can easily scale their cold email outreach, with the help of Mail Shake.

  • Trello for your projects:

If you are looking for an extremely user friendly app that gives you an option to manage the essential work and projects quite flexibly. To manage both projects or work, this application keeps the team members organized. Owing to an inbuilt automation feature, this application allows you to discover the significance of automation. Irrespective of your location, you can meet your business’s needs by sitting anywhere in the world.

  • Moz for SEO:

Moz is a trending and popular application which helps the Best Digital Marketing Service Provider Companies to increase the traffic as well as visibility of various websites. This platform is a good medium to uncover the SEO issues and also to recommend the fixes.

You can also analyze the work results of several search engines such as Google. Yahoo and Bing. This tool is also good for back keyword research along with back links analysis.

  • Audext for smooth workflow:

This tool is different, unique, and the most trending application in 2021. It comprises of an audio-to-text transcriber, using the help of an artificial algorithm to ensure the working of a smooth and fast transcription.

With an inbuilt converter, it can also identify who is speaking quite easily. This application supports various source formats such as MP3, WAV, WMV.


It does not matter whether you are a startup or an established and Best Digital Marketing Company Chandigarh, this article is your brief guide to introduce you to the most trending applications which will lead your business into becoming a professional.

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