The Top 5 Boiler Maintenance Advice

Maintenance Advice


Boilers can develop faults if they are not properly maintained, and in the worst situation, a malfunctioning boiler may potentially be lethal. This is why maintaining routine maintenance can help avoid expensive fixes and unplanned, potentially avoidable emergency repairs.

To assist you, we’ve compiled our top five boiler maintenance recommendations that you should use to maintain your boiler operating well. Additionally, keep your fuel expenses low!

1. Continue routine boiler servicing

At the absolute least, a yearly service should be performed on every boiler. A qualified professional boiler engineer surrey should perform this service so they can make sure everything is running well.

Your boiler’s current condition can be properly evaluated by an engineer. From this, they can make any modifications necessary to improve its performance. They will also make note of any issues that are cause for concern and make sure you get the right solutions.

The fundamentals of boiler maintenance include boiler servicing. They must be in the optimum shape because they are used much more frequently for underfloor heating Surrey in the winter.

2. Prevent Freezing of Pipes

Boilers are especially vulnerable to frozen pipes because they can clog the system and cause a buildup of pressure inside the boiler.

For the pipes to be kept at a temperature that will prevent freezing when it’s cold outside, make sure the heating is on for at least a few hours each day. To make sure everything is operating properly, it’s a good idea to do this even during the warmer months when we don’t typically use the heating as much.

3. Leak Awareness.

It’s crucial to constantly check for any leakage indications because it will be less expensive to fix a leaky boiler the earlier it is discovered. Boilers leak more frequently than you might believe.

Leaks must be fixed as soon as they are discovered because they pose a threat to the system’s integrity by causing rust and electrical problems. Every so often, make sure there are no leaks by checking the cabinet where your boiler is kept.

4. Regularly check the ventilation

Like anything else, your boiler requires space to breathe in order to operate correctly.

Make sure there is no clutter around your boiler because it needs the space to function properly. If it is in a cabinet that is also used for storage, make sure that everything is put away far enough away from the boiler so that there are no ventilation problems that could result in further boiler damage.

5. Blow Out Your Radiators

Your radiators not heating up is an indication of potential boiler damage even though it is not directly related to the boiler. It is best to call a heating engineer Surrey to periodically bleed your radiators so that you don’t act prematurely in this circumstance.

By removing any condensed air that may occasionally become caught in your radiators, you may prevent the pressure gage in your boiler from rising.

Is Maintaining Your Boiler Legally Required?

Regular annual boiler maintenance is not legally required for homeowners. However, your insurance company typically makes them a necessity. Your insurance policy could be void if you don’t keep routine maintenance checks and services.

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