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Working from home is the new normal, but it can be a bit of a task if you are new to working from home routine. Working in a personal space, surrounded by your family, having a home to keep tidy, cooking lunch and dinner can be arduous and affect the work-life balance.

This article will share some productivity points – planning your day, fixing your workplace, quality tools to convert PDF to Word, storing files, etc. Following the below productivity tips will greatly help someone failing to keep up with their efficient working routine.


Starting the day with a quiet mind helps set a clear intention for the day ahead. This can be achieved by inculcating the practice of meditation in the morning. Having some time reserved for meditation can help the mind clear out the worries, doubts, and stress and focus on the important tasks for the day.

Along with meditation, journaling in the morning is also highly recommended because writing down the intentions gives a clear view of how we want our day to look like. So, get a pen and a notebook, plan your day!

Setting up a Workplace

Select a space that is comfortable but not comfortable enough that it puts you to sleep. Try to avoid couches and beds at any cost while working. You would want to avoid distractions, so choose a quiet place where you can assemble your desk and chair. Keep some plants around to accompany you while you work.

Quality Tools to Keep Handy

A few tools are listed below to ease your way through the work:


Zoom is a well-known video-conferencing application that helps people connect from all over the world. It is video and audio enabled that keeps the workflow smooth and efficient.


People deal with a lot of e-documents while working. At times those e-documents need converting from PDF to Word. Handling these tasks becomes easy with the PDFSimpli tool, which is an easy-to-use tool for conversions of e-documents.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the safest place to share and store files. Anything you name, like presentations, audio files, documents, etc., can be stored in google drive.

Consistent Working Hours

At times it is possible to lose track of time when you are immersed in the work. Remember, your personal life is as necessary as your professional life. To deal with this issue, set a working schedule. If you are planning to work for 9 hours, choose a time suitable for your job and make sure to stick to that.

If your job requires you to work overtime, make sure the overworking does not stress you out. Depriving yourself of your social life can affect mental health and create an unhealthy relationship between personal and professional life.

Schedule Sleeping Hours

Proper sleep is important for efficient performance in your work and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Possibly, work can keep you up at odd hours of the day; if that interferes with your sleeping schedule, make sure to communicate it to your manager so a solution can be figured out.

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