7 easy ways to help kids learn dictation words

kids learn dictation words


Kids’ memory is way better than adults. Their minds are fresh and going under constant development, building new neurons every single day. 

Learning words is more about understanding their usage and meaning rather than memorizing the letter content of the words.

Although with all good memorization power, memorizing dictation words still can be baffling for kids and helping them memorize their dictation words for 4th grade can be equally challenging especially when the words and their usage is completely unfamiliar to them.

Despite that, every difficulty has a way out. All we need to do is work smart and follow the tips mentioned below to prepare your kid for the upcoming dictation test.

  • Sound your words out loud

If your kid loves to repeat your words or instantly pick any new word he hears this trick will help him learn his words like a piece of cake.

All you need him to do is make him repeat a word as whole, then in syllables, and then letter by letter. In this way he will understand the sounds of the words and as he repeats the letter he will match those letters and their sound together as whole which will help him remember the word without actually memorizing it.

  • Words in uppercase letters

Here comes the tips for those kids whose memory is greatly influenced by their sight. If your kid remembers small details of things he sees or remembers the roads that lead to parks and places of their interest use this trick to help them memorize their spelling  for grade 4.

Make your child write his words on a big sheet using a different colour for each word in uppercase letters. As he writes his words in uppercase letters with coloured pens the words will pop out on a blank sheet which trigger their sense of sight, resulting in memorization of the respective word.

  • Play word games

Every parent and teacher knows that no kid loves to study and when it comes to learning spelling words only the idea of it will get them exhausted. 

Yet when you offer to play games they are always ready for it. 

So whenever there is a test expected teachers and parents should engage children in some sort of word games from which they can learn and have fun at the same time.

  • Words within words

Lengthy words are the most difficult one to memorize. But worry less because we have a solution. 

Let your child find small words within the lengthy word from which he or she is familiar with or split the big word into two small words if possible. In this way they will likely learn the spelling faster than memorizing the word in whole. 

  • Write, rewrite, recall

This trick has been used by many teachers and parents when they try to teach their children / students something that they remember for a longer period of time. . 

The idea of this trick is pretty clear. Write, rewrite and recall is all about practicing and practicing the spelling words till they sit in the child’s head. 

  • Voice record word list

 Another trick for good listeners is to voice record themselves on cell phone or send a voice note to your mom or friend in which you are spelling out your spelling words for 4th grade loud and steadily so that every letter is loud and clear. After recording listen to the voice note or recording with keen focus. This will help you remember the spellings for longer without putting any physical efforts.

  • Spell quiz

If you are concerned about your child spending hours on the internet and youtube and paying less attention towards his studies, visiting spell quiz is all you have to do. 

Spellquiz is an online learning website where you can find a huge number of interesting and fun activities, games and exercises regarding spelling learning and improving grammar that your child will absolutely love to spend time on. 

Now whenever there is an upcoming test, there is no need to panic and stress. All you have to do is follow one of these tips and your child will be all ready to rock in that dictation test.

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